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Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a concept that involves machines to do things that earlier needed humans and their intervention. AI aims at turning standard machines to smart ones.

In simple words, it imitates and improves human thinking. AI uses the available information to learn from, act on it and improvise over time. AI finds patterns, recommends actions and predicts them, essentially done by humans but at much higher speed. AI support is needed in all activities in this current tech-savvy era. In task automation, customer support, social media, self-driven cars, gaming, natural language processing, recognition of speech, recognition of handwriting, robots, etc. – AI is omnipresent. AI strives to change for the better. Having an impact on every industry and living beings it is one of the main driving factors of technological advancements.

Barthelemy Advisors aims at contributing to incrementally innovative functions and programs through AI for mankind in the years to come.

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