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DevOps are practices that are a combination of software development and IT operations. In the word DevOps, ‘Dev’ refers to software application development and ‘Ops’ to IT operations. In short: it is a technological concept that combines people, processes, and automation.

DevOps was created to solve confusion by bringing everyone related to software development and execution together – like developers, engineers, administrators, etc.,delivering high-quality software that precisely meets the user's requirements, namely providing a shorter software development time leading to faster innovation, improved communication and collaboration between teams and increased efficiency.

DevOps is the hot topic in today’s IT industry and the speed at which it is getting implemented is high. Organizations all over the world are keen on taking advantage of fast application delivery, better innovation, and better-operating environments.

Barthelemy Advisors aims to simplify work in organizations and internal teams, giving them more time to innovate products and ease coordination.

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